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Nights & Days Released on Bandcamp!

2012-07-20 08:14:57 by DDJIcester

Okay i got the album up on Bandcamp you can download it for FREE!!!! now it has 18 tracks in it! just clickHERE! to download it thanks to nentindo for the album artwork anyway enjoy Note: First 4 tracks are shit!

Also it will be realeased by R!ot sounds somewhere probably soon.


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2012-08-20 19:54:51

Congrats on the release. Downloading it now.


2012-08-20 19:57:06

Actually, your download link is missing a "D" in the "bandcamp." You should put it in cuz right now your link leads to a spam site.

DDJIcester responds:

K, I'll check that out