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Help Album cover!

2012-05-13 08:47:31 by DDJIcester

Were can i make simple album covers? anyone know?

Making 2 Collabs!

2012-05-07 05:55:47 by DDJIcester

I've finally decided what genre the collabs will be:

the one i'm making with edilefungus ( i hope thats how it's spelt ) it will be a house song!
the one i'm making with demonrunner23 will be Drumstep! Also check out their NG Profiles:



Now i'm finally gonna start these collabs!

Dubstep Song coming soon!

2012-05-03 13:17:50 by DDJIcester

6/5/12! on sunday i'll post my 3rd dubstep song this one is gonna be good!

My new song Dusk till Dawn is coming soon if you liked my song Newgrounds you're gonna like this!

Music Collab???

2012-04-14 15:23:03 by DDJIcester


Just comment if ya wanna make a collab with me!

No. 4 Best audio this year F**K Yeah!

Which genre?

2012-04-10 07:06:13 by DDJIcester

Which genre of music do you think i should make?


well? in my new song moonlight i have 2.85 stars wtf? it's house but i think it's good so what music do you want me to make?

Music Collab?

2012-04-08 17:17:51 by DDJIcester

just comment if ya wanna do a collab with me. i'm bored so i need somethin' to do


2012-04-08 08:17:54 by DDJIcester

Since i'm bored & need somethin' to do anyone wanna start a collab with me comment plz! & also tell me what software you use as well & i'll think about it cya!


2012-04-06 08:53:27 by DDJIcester

Album progress

1.MoonLight 80% wanna make it better
2.Duppy Piano (Spec Mix) 100% Done!
3.Duppy Piano (NG Mix) + Free! 100% Done!
4.Duppy Piano Remix by ????? ??% who is doing the remix?
5.DJ Icester 10% Emm............. DJ Icester?
6.Dusk 75% wanna make it better
7.Night-Time (Ambient) 5% Only done the melody!
8.Don't fall in love (RMX) 20% still demo version all melodys done no synths.
9.Bright Sky 100% Done!
10.??? ??% Dunno?

3 people downloaded my remix comp thingy & there not entering! the comp IF YOU STEAL ONE THING I WILL KILL YOU only joking GIVE CREDIT OR Else your account will be removed! :D