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New track.

2014-04-12 10:11:45 by DDJIcester

Hey guys uploaded a track here since i haven't in a year but yeah check it out. :D It's Progressive house and if you want to stay updated check my soundcloud :D :p Miss ya guys :)

Newgrounds update

2013-07-30 08:43:37 by DDJIcester

so i'll be taking down alot of my old stuff and put up some new stuff. hate the new scouting system for newgrounds now all my plays,reviews,downloads have dropped. anyway new FREE ep on bandcamp hereCLick here for free stuff also follow me on soundcloud as i need followers soundcloud that's it i guess deleting old stuff and stuff. :-/ cya!


2013-05-04 06:20:42 by DDJIcester

Making a Dusk till Dawn EP Will be out soon, Go to my Soundcloud Page for more Updatezs.

That's it i guess.

Back Again.

2013-02-15 18:12:13 by DDJIcester

Hi there been out for a while.... so i'm back with some new songs. 1 Unfinished track will be uploaded in a few minutes so working on a new album, turned 13 and shit happened.

Okay i got the album up on Bandcamp you can download it for FREE!!!! now it has 18 tracks in it! just clickHERE! to download it thanks to nentindo for the album artwork anyway enjoy Note: First 4 tracks are shit!

Also it will be realeased by R!ot sounds somewhere probably soon.

Sad Stuff & Stuff.....

2012-07-10 15:11:37 by DDJIcester

I just watched my dog die.... well..... bout 20 minutes ago she got a injection to put her to sleep she was 15 (105 in dog years) Name is Rosie em.. yeah.....

Other stuff my Album Nights & Days is Getting Released in 2 Days! that's it i guess.

Exams OVER!!!!

2012-06-21 08:42:02 by DDJIcester

Just after finishing my exams yesterday! and i got Nero's album welcome reality on cd listening to guilt right now Check out Guilt & Crush on you by Nero (Awsome songs.) Now i'm listening to crush on you. Anyway i'm starting my collab with Ryry67Dude & yoshiii343 now it's gonna be house/dubstep. just ta let ya know

Exams Coming.......

2012-06-08 11:38:45 by DDJIcester

No Makin' Music tilll i get these exams over! (22nd June)
Sorry Guys.........

Full Dubstep song coming.

2012-05-21 12:49:47 by DDJIcester

If you die in an elevator, push the 'up' button. ( That's the title )

yes, that's right a full dubstep song is coming soon! since i got all those comments from i doesn't beat it wobbles.

Album Tracklist!

2012-05-16 12:56:32 by DDJIcester

Songs That made it into the album!

2.Sunny Days
4.Bright Sky
6.Run Past Infinitum Collab with Ressurected Girr (Specail Mix by ME!)
7.Dusk Till Dawn
9.The Finish line
10.It's only 1 o'clock
11.DJ Icester
12.Nights & Days (Album Mix)

Demo Songs Sorry Guys youse didn't get in!

Duppy Piano (NG Mix)
Duppy Piano (New Mix)
Moonlight Remix
Don't fall in love RMX
It Doesn't Beat It Wobbles Pt.2
Run Past infinitum ressurected Girr Mix
Memories RMX.

Re-Release Bonus Tracks (Not Finished)
Collab with edibleFungus (maybe)
Robot's Final Dance (Maybe)
It's only 1 o'clock extened Mix.
AfterLife RMX (Maybe)